Instrumentation must be properly maintained and calibrated so that it meets acceptable levels of quality control and quality assurance in order to provide accurate measurements. To ensure this, the maintenance, repair and calibration of LEA owned instruments is provided free of cost through a factory service certified provider covered under the Program’s repair contract. Under the service contract, maintenance, repair and calibration service can include:

  • Sensor replacement
  • Calibration
  • Minor repairs
  • Equipment loan during instrument servicing
  • Consultation for troubleshooting and interpretation of instrument readings

Instrument repair on LEA-owned instruments may be limited to $400 per instrument with an $800 per LEA maximum. More extensive repairs can be provided at the discretion of the LEA Equipment Loan Program. LEAs will be provided with an assessment of the needed repair or maintenance and the estimated date for return prior to any servicing, repair, or maintenance.

Instrument Servicing

Here’s how to get your LEA-owned instrument serviced. Follow the procedures below:

  1. Send an email request for the instrument servicing needed to the LEA Equipment Loan Program at
  2. Confirm request by submitting a completed Equipment Service Request Form, CalRecycle 720, within seven (7) working days. This may be done in person, or by fax, email (PDF), or mail. (Instruments should not be shipped without the completed signed document.)
  3. Arrange for shipment of the instrument. Instrument should be sent to CalRecycle by a commercial carrier certified delivery (UPS, Federal Express, USPS, etc.) or may be delivered directly to the LEA.
  4. Confirmation of instrument receipt will be sent via email to the LEA within 24 hours. Instrument servicing will be performed.
  5. Notification of the LEA when extensive repairs are required or the cost of the servicing exceeds the CalRecycle budgetary limit.
  6. Timely return of the serviced instrument to LEAs.