Strategic Directive 8 addresses enforcement and permitting issues. Strategic Directive 8.3 , a sub-directive, requires an ongoing review and analysis of regulations in light of current science, market issues, and applicable technologies. Regulatory changes, guidance document development, training, or other actions may occur upon completion of the review, depending on the direction given by the Director.


There are five steps staff is taking to undertake the reviews:

  1. Research by a third party (if needed) to assess public health and environmental impacts;
  2. Draft White Paper developed by CalRecycle staff for discussion;
  3. Stakeholder workshops/working groups to review and provide input on issues, identify gaps, and prioritize recommendations;
  4. Final White Paper with recommendations for action to Department Director; and
  5. Action Plans based on direction from the Department Director for CalRecycle implementation.

Project Status by Priority Area

CalRecycle staff continues to work on the following areas. More detailed descriptions of projects and recommendations are included at the following links:

LEA Central Statutes/Regulations Home