These workshops were held in February and March 2000

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The Board conducted a series of no-cost workshops to solicit input regarding the implementation of SB 1066. With the passage of this bill, the Board has been given the authority to grant time extensions and alternative diversion requirements to jurisdictions, enabling them to comply with AB 939 (Sher, Chapter 1095, Statutes of 1989).

Initially, Board staff discussed the requirements outlined in statute. Further, the workshops were an opportunity for all participants to share their thoughts regarding the application process and the criteria that should be considered by the Board when reviewing applications.

The Board invited all stakeholders to come to one of the workshops to discuss SB 1066 and develop a workable process.

Time Extension Definition
The Board may grant one or more, single, or multiyear time extensions to enable a city, county, or regional agency to divert 50 percent of all solid waste through source reduction, recycling, and composting activities as mandated by AB939. These extensions may be requested anytime by a city, county, or regional agency, but will only be effective in the years from January 1, 2000 to January 1, 2006. An original request may be granted for any period up to three years. Subsequent requests may extend the original request, however, the total number of years for all requests cannot total more than five years or extend beyond January 1, 2006.

Alternative Diversion Requirement Definition
The Board may grant an alternative diversion rate for cities or counties (this does not apply to regional agencies) to the 50 percent requirement mandated by AB939. The alternative diversion rate must represent the greatest diversion amount a city or county may reasonably and feasibly achieve. No alternative requirement shall be granted for any period after January 1, 2006, and no alternative requirement shall be effective after January 1, 2006.

Workshop Locations

Workshops were held in February and March 2000 in the following locations:

  • February 8: Redding
  • February 9: Santa Rosa
  • February 15: Sacramento
  • February 16: Emeryville
  • February 29: San Jose
  • March 1: Fresno
  • March 7: Burbank
  • March 8: Costa Mesa
  • March 14: Palm Springs
  • March 15: San Diego
  • March 27: Monterey

Cost: There was no cost for participants.