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Program CodeProgram TypeCode Descriptions
2000-RC-CRBResidential CurbsideSingle-family, commingled
Single-family, source separated
Multi-family, commingled
Multi-family, source separated
2010-RC-DRPResidential Drop-OffDrop-Off Boxes and Center
    Public recycling receptacles
2020-RC-BYBResidential Buy-BackBuyback Center(s)
2030-RC-OSPCommercial On-Site PickupCommercial Collection Programs


Office paper

Beverage containers (excluding 2020 centers)

Other Material

Triple-Rinsed Plastic Pesticide Containers



Promotion of programs

2040-RC-SFHCommercial Self-Haul 
2050-RC-SCHSchool Recycling  
2060-RC-GOVGovernment Recycling 
2070-RC-SNLSpecial Collection Seasonal
(regular - not special waste collection)
Seasonal/Special Collection Programs

Telephone books

Christmas trees

"Bulky" item collection days

2080-RC-SPESpecial Collection EventsClean-Up Events

Recycling at special events
(fairs, marathons, community celebrations)

2090-RC-OTHOther Recycling 

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