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Program CodeProgram TypeCode Descriptions

Land applications

Building materials

4010-SP-SLGSludge (sewage/industrial)Soil Amendment

Landspreading of biosolids

Other Reuse

Tire reuse opportunities

Tire recycling opportunities

Rubberized Asphalt
Other Tire-Derived Products
Collection Program

Drop-off at landfills

4030-SP-WHGWhite GoodsWhite goods


White and brown goods Reuse/recycling

Special collection events

Salvage at processing centers

4040-SP-SCMScrap MetalScrap metals/Abandoned Vehicles

Salvage at processing centers

DMV-funded vehicle abatement program  (only if material goes to metal recycling)

4050-SP-WDWWood WasteWood Waste Chipping for Mulch or Compost


Brush/Wood Waste Chipping
4060-SP-CARConcrete/Asphalt/RubbleInerts (Construction/Demolition)

Concrete/rubble reuse

Fill for land reclamation

Subbase material for roads

Concrete/asphalt recycling:

4070-SP-DSDDisaster DebrisDisaster debris recycling
4080-SP-SGLShinglesShingles used as asphalt enhancer
4090-SP-RNDRenderingDead Animal Program
4100-SP-OTHOther Special Waste 

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