The CIWMB (now known as the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery, or CalRecycle) provided $20,000 to implement the 2000 Grasscycling Outreach Campaign in the Sacramento region. CalRecycle partnered with the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District to develop print, radio, and/or television advertisements to promote grasscycling in conjunction with two lawnmower exchange events in Sacramento in spring 2000. The goals of the outreach campaign were to:

  • Increase public awareness about how gas-powered lawn and garden equipment contributes to air pollution
  • Provide a monetary incentive to individuals to voluntarily exchange their gas-powered mowers for discounted, rechargeable, electric mulching mowers
  • Promote the use of grasscycling practices to reduce the volume of residential grass clippings being disposed in California landfills

Residents traded in their polluting gas-powered mowers and purchased at a discount 1,200 cordless, electric rechargeable, mulching mowers in spring 2000. These new mulching mowers divert over 180 tons of grass clippings from landfills per year and reduce air emissions by over 11 tons per year.

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