Compost Sales Indicator

The following shows total amounts of organic products (compost, mulch, wood chips, and steer manure) sold to various market segments (i.e. agriculture, horticulture, municipal, etc.) over time. For more detail, see the organic materials measurement and analysis project report.

Sales of Organic Products graph


Year 2000 Sales of Organic Products

 Cubic Yards

Market Segment
4.5 milAgriculture
3.8 milHorticulture
3.2 milBiomass-to-energy
 2.3 milLandfill cover


Local Waste Diversion Indicator

This indicator tracks trends in the implementation rate of compost programs by local governments on a statewide basis. The chart below was constructed using data from CalRecycle's Planning Annual Report Information System (now known as the Diversion Program System). The database summarized the information contained in local jurisdictions' source reduction and recycling elements (SRRE) on a statewide basis. The compost program categories included in the graph were selected from the information available in the database.

Graph showing number and types of local organic waste diversion


Number of Programs Implemented
YearGovernment Composting Food Waste Composting OtherSchool

Shows number and types of local organic waste diversion programs implemented over time.

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