Compost and mulch is purchased by homeowners, farmers, landscapers and government agencies. There are many outlets to purchase compost and mulch in California. The most convenient for small scale may be a nursery or home center. For large scale purchases, landscape supply centers, soil blenders or compost and mulch producers deliver large quantities of material.

Please note that most compost producers also produce mulch. As a point of information, not all compost is of the same quality. To help inform potential buyers, CalRecycle provides information designed to assist buyers in assessing product quality.

State and local government agencies can develop procurement programs that will create new and expanded markets for compost and mulch products. To aid their efforts, CalRecycle has created guidelines for writing compost or mulch procurement specifications. CalRecycle's State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign works with State agencies to increase their procurement of all types of recycled-content products, including compost and mulch.

Benefits of Using Compost and Mulch

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