Compostable organic materials comprise more than 25 percent, or about 10 million tons, of what is disposed in landfills annually. The Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle, formerly CIWMB) wants California to reduce the amount of organics being landfilled by 50 percent by 2020. To do this, at least 15 million tons of organics, much of it compostable, needs to be recycled annually, as identified in CalRecycle’s “Organics Roadmaps.”

Organics Policy Roadmaps

Staff assessed the various issues raised by stakeholders at a March 28, 2007, Biofuels Forum and the subsequent October 10, 2007, Summary of Organics Summit and developed the following six key issue categories that required more focused work and consideration by the Board Members: Alternative Daily Cover (ADC) policy, economic incentives, siting and capacity, regulatory and permitting, research, and education. These common issues and timing for addressing them were the foundation for the Organics Policy Roadmaps:

Key Issue Categories and their Implementation Schedule

Alternative Daily Cover Policy

Economic Incentives and Disincentives (Non-ADC)

Siting and Capacity Development

Regulatory and Permitting Constraints

Research, Product Standards, and Technology Evaluation

Education and Procurement

Nothing scheduled at this time.

Organics Toolbox