The list below provides contacts for CalRecycle's plastics programs and functional areas.

Program or Functional AreaContact Information (Staff Directory)
Rigid Plastic Packaging Container ProgramKatie Garrison
Plastic Trash Bag Law/CertificationsKatie Garrison
Hospital Blue Wrap CollectionMelissa Vargas
Agricultural Film CollectionDeake Marschall
Polystyrene CollectionDeake Marschall
Reusable Grocery Bags (SB 270)Paulina Kolic
Robert Contreras
Deake Marschall
Plastic Carryout Bag Collection--AssistanceKatie Garrison, Compliance
Melissa Vargas, Sustainability
Degradable/Compostable Plastics--Uses, Applications, and LabelingDeake Marschall
Plastic Litter Action PlanMelissa Vargas
Waste CharacterizationNancy Carr
Legal Counsel
Legal Counsel--Reusable Grocery Bags SB 270) and Degradable Plastic Products
Ty Moore
Kathleen Nitta

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