Kids holding earth globe in park

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” 
—Margaret Mead

It's Earth Day's 51st Birthday!

Family holding Globe of Earth

The first Earth Day was a protest that sparked America’s environmental protection policies. Just eight months later, Congress created the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to tackle the nation’s mounting pollution problems.

As California works to Vaccinate All 58 counties to help end the COVID-19 pandemic, we can’t yet get together for in-person Earth Day events. CalRecycle and our partners at the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) invite you to celebrate Earth Day with us online. Get involved:

  • Virtual Events and Activities – Look for virtual events, eco-tips, and compelling interviews from CalEPA and our sister organizations, which all protect your air, water, food, and land.
  • How You Save the Earth – Show your passion for the environment using #HowISavethePlanet to share photos and videos of the ways you and your loved ones help the Earth each day. There’s so much you can do from home!
  • Why You Save the Earth – Inspire others by showcasing the people and places that motivate you to protect and preserve our environment using #WhyISavethePlanet.

#HowISavethePlanet: There’s so much you can do from home!

Start today with these small lifestyle changes that make a big difference for our planet!

Smiling boy with his shovel and composting bin.

Fight the Climate Crisis Right Now!

Food and yard waste rotting in California landfills is a top source of climate super pollutants in our state.

Start Composting at Home
Using compost in your yard also helps soil and plant roots pull and store more carbon from the atmosphere. It’s easy!

How to get started!

Father and son in kitchen with groceries.

Cut Your Trash Footprint

Imagine ways to slash your trash each day. Save trees, water, and energy while decreasing climate pollution.

Refuse bags at the store. Plan meals so you only buy what you will eat.

Don’t schedule a large item trash pickup. Instead, list broken appliances for free online, then leave them on the curb for someone who repairs them for resale.

Wiping food off of child's face.

Reusables, Not Disposables

Single-use disposable products are filling our oceans and piling up in our landfills at an alarming rate.

Swap them out for products you can repurpose or reuse.

Slash your trash footprint and reduce climate pollution with reusable towels, water bottles, bags, napkins, and more.

Kids putting plastic bottles into recycling bin.

Recycle Clean, Dry Materials

Recycling cuts climate pollutants and energy used to mine and refine new raw materials like oil and metal.

Confirm which materials go in your curbside recycling bin.

Make sure they’re clean, dry, and loose, so they don’t soil other recycling.

No plastic bags or flexible food wraps of any kind, please!

Plastic film gets caught in sorting machines in and costs millions to fix.

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