Newly minted recycled content
paper towels coming off Princess
Paper’s production line.

Princess Paper, Inc. specializes in using post-industrial discarded paper to make new products, including bathroom tissue, luncheon napkins, and paper towels. The 12-year-old company’s feedstock material is either cut off or rejected during an initial industrial manufacturing process.

Princess Paper, Inc.’s use of discarded paper in its manufacturing process made it eligible to received more than $3 million in loans from CalRecycle’s Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ) Program. By recycling approximately 4,900 tons of paper into new products, Princess Paper, Inc., is helping California reduce the approximately 6.9 million tons of paper waste disposed annually in California landfills.

The RMDZ Program encourages California businesses to find innovative ways of using recycled materials to make new products--thereby diverting those materials from landfills--by offering business financial services to companies located in areas of the state designated by CalRecycle as Recycling Market Development Zones.

For more information, contact the City of Los Angeles RMDZ.

You can find more paper recycling information and resources on CalRecycle’s website.

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