When adopting a MND, the decision making body shall also adopt a program for reporting on or monitoring the revisions or changes which it has either required in the project and the measures it has imposed or made a condition of approval to mitigate or avoid significant environmental effects.

The lead agency is responsible for ensuring that implementation of the mitigation measures occurs in accordance with the program. The public agency may choose whether its program will monitor mitigation, report on mitigation, or both. Reporting is suited to projects which have readily measurable or quantitative mitigation measures or which already involve regular review. Monitoring is suited to projects with complex mitigation measures, such as wetlands restoration or archeological protection, which may exceed the expertise of the local agency to oversee, are expected to be implemented over a period of time, or require careful implementation to assure compliance.

Lead and responsible agencies should coordinate their mitigation monitoring or reporting programs where possible. However lead and responsible agencies may choose to adopt separate and different monitoring or reporting programs. Where a trustee agency proposes mitigation measures or project revisions for incorporation into a project, that agency, at the same time, shall prepare and submit to the lead or responsible agency a draft monitoring or reporting program for those measures or revisions.


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