This page provides a review guide for documenting periodic maintenance of the Permit Toolbox. Inspect a page using the review guide below and send your comments to the contact listed at the bottom of this page. When completed, fill in and submit this form. If you have any questions, please call or e-mail.

Use the maintenance checklist and list of recent initiatives to help with your review of each page of the Permit Toolbox.

Maintenance Checklist

  1. Do all the links still work?
  2. Do any of the links lead to Web pages that are out of date?
  3. Are there any typographical errors or misspellings?
  4. Is any of the information or guidance out of date or difficult to understand?
  5. Is the page easy to use and navigate?
  6. Are you aware of any new tools, resources, handouts, advisories, charts, job aids, or training summaries that would make this page more useful?
  7. Is this page in need of sample documents?
  8. Are there any new frequently asked questions (FAQ) for this page?
  9. Are there any recent directives from the EAC or the LEA roundtables which need to be considered?
  10. Have any user groups recently submitted suggestions for this page?
  11. Are there any recent improvements in Web design, navigation menus, and Web site technology that could be used to improve this page?
  12. Are there any new CalRecycle programs or initiatives that need to be considered?
  13. Are there any new or upcoming laws, regulations, or policies that should be included in this page? See list of recent initiatives.

Recent Initiatives

Changes in the regulatory landscape can accelerate the maintenance schedule for certain Web pages.

Check for new or updated laws, regulations, policies, advisories, programs, directives, tools, or resources that might need to be incorporated into the page being reviewed.

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