Enforcement agencies (EA) are required to notice and conduct informational meetings for all new and revised full solid waste facility permit applications. The purpose of these meetings is to provide the public an opportunity to hear about proposed solid waste activities to be permitted by the EA and to comment on the preliminary determination being espoused by the EA. These meetings are strictly informational and no official decision is made at these meetings. At the time the EAs issue notice of the meetings, they are required to submit a copy of the informational meeting notice to CalRecycle. CalRecycle is required to post these notices on its website as a way to further inform the public of proposed changes to solid waste activities. These notices are posted

CalRecycle posts these notices on the CalRecycle Public Notices page to meet the informational meeting requirements of the California Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 27, Section 21660.2(b). Such information is provided by the EAs, and any questions regarding such notices should be directed the appropriate enfocement agency. Public notices will be posted for at least 10 days.

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