• Southern: August 4
    Environmental Services Department Training Room, San Diego
  • Central: August 25
    Woodward Park Regional Library Community Room, Fresno
  • Bay Area: September 1
    Marina Library Community Room, Marina
  • Northern: September 3
    CalEPA Building, Sacramento




  • CIWMB Financial Situation and Grant Status (Jim Lee)
  • Training Session on Inspecting and Investigating a Hypothetical Case (Wendy Breckon, CIWMB Attorney)
  • "Inspection Report Helpful Hints" Handout

Regional Issues

CIWMB Update/Discussion

  • Status of Consideration of Changes to Board’s Waste Tire Product Storage Standards (Jim Lee)
  • Streamlined Penalty Process to be Applied to Facilities and Proposed Changes to the Regulations (Jim Lee)
  • Legal Case Studies & Updates (Wendy Breckon, CIWMB Attorney)
    • Discussion of Enforcement Cases, Surveillance, Illegal Dumping
    • High Profile Enforcement Cases: Lessons and Follow-up
  • Brochures and Handouts (Gerri Stryker)
  • Grantee Open Q & A

Resources and Tools