• Bay Area--March 12
    Santa Clara County Field Sports Trap/Skeet Range Meeting Room, San Jose
  • Central--March 18
    Fresno Convention Center, Fresno
  • Southern--March 26
    Administrative Headquarters, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Baldwin Park
  • Northern--April 9
    CalEPA Building, Sacramento




  • ABCs of Inspection Reporting
    • New Inspector Guidelines (Gerri Stryker)
  • CIWMB Updated Brochure and Handouts (Gerri Stryker/Jim Lee)
    • Registered Waste Tire Hauler Exemptions
  • Waste Tire Grants Management (Barbara Strough/Jim Lee)
    • LEA Authority for Conducting Tire Grant Work in Incorporated Areas
  • TEA Grant Questions and Answers (Sophia Mercado/Barbara Strough)
  • Legal Case Studies Updates (Wendy Breckon, CIWMB Attorney)
    • Discussion of Enforcement Cases, Surveillance, Illegal Dumping
    • High Profile Enforcement Cases: Lessons and Follow-up
  • Surveillance Cameras: Availability and Procedures

Regional Issues

  • Inspection and Enforcement Q & A (Open Forum)

CIWMB Update/Discussion

  • Five Year Plan Revisions for Local Waste Tire Enforcement (Jim Lee)
  • Streamlined Hauler Registration and Manifest Enforcement Program (Jim Lee)
  • Monthly Hauler Reports (Jim Lee)
  • Illegal Dumping Task Force and Upcoming Training (Gerri Stryker)
  • Legislative Update
    • Department of Toxic Substances Control Auto Shredder Waste Policy Update (Jim Lee)

Resources and Tools