Pre-meeting for Grantees to Network and Discuss Issues of Mutual Concern



  • Politics, Financial Situation and Grant Status
  • Grantee Q & A: Acknowledgment of, Response to and Discussion of Issues Raised During Grantee Pre-Meeting or Other Issues not on Agenda

Update on Proposal for Web-Based Electronic Inspection Report Entry

Hauler and Generator CTL Issues

  • Discussion of Protocol for Dealing with generators who don’t have 3 years record retention

CCR Title 14, Section 18464 and 18429

  • Streamlined Penalty Process
  • Rulemaking Update

Update on Pilot Program with Lakin for use of Hand-Held Electronic Devices for CTL Data Entry and use of Electronic Receipts for Generators

Waste Tire Facility Permitting Process and the Grantee's Role

Grantee Open Forum Q & A

CIWMB Update/Discussion

  • Updated Notice of Violation and Citable Offenses Handouts
  • LEA/TEA Training and Technical Course Sessions

Resources and Tools