This page provides information on past events sponsored and/or held by CalRecycle's tire programs.

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Conferences and Workshops (except Five-Year Plan)

Five-Year Plan Meetings and Workshops

  • Workshop: Discussion of Revising the Five-Year Tire Plan for FYs 2021–22 through 2025–26. CalRecycle held a workshop on Monday, November 2nd, 2020 from 9:00 am-12:00 pm to discuss the biennial update of the Waste Tire Recycling Management Program’s Five-Year Tire Plan. During the workshop, proposed activities and budgets will be discussed covering fiscal years 2021–22 through 2025–26. Documents for the workshop:


  • Waste Tire Hauler Training. April 26, 2018
    CalRecycle offered a free training workshop (Spanish-English) for all waste tire haulers, auto dismantlers, tire dealers, auto body shops, car dealers, service stations, tire shredders, trucking fleets, tire retreaders, and local representative involved with waste/used tire clean-ups and/or disposals within Imperial County and neighboring cities.

    If you were unable to attend previous training classes in this area, CalRecycle staff are available answering questions about the program such as what are your responsibilities as a registered waste tire hauler, waste/used tire manifest system, and recently adopted waste tire laws and regulations. For larger organizations, arrangements can be made to have an on-site training by a CalRecycle representative. Please call our toll-free number (866-896-0600) for inquiries, or to arrange training.

  • Conducting Surveillance and Investigations for Illegal Tire Dumping. 2005
  • CTL Training: Summer 2005
    The CIWMB (now CalRecycle) evaluated and revised the California Uniform Waste and Used Tire Manifest System, replacing the existing Manifest (CIWMB 647) and the Tire Trip Log (CIWMB 648) forms with the Comprehensive Trip Log (CTL) form (CIWMB 203). The CIWMB conducted trainings at multiple venues throughout the state during July through September 2005.
  • Training: Summer 2003
    The CIWMB (now CalRecycle) conducted training on the waste tire manifest system at multiple venues throughout the state during May and June 2003.