Santa Clara, California
October 7-9, 1998

Conference Summary

The conference addressed the following topics:

  1. Effective marketing techniques for waste tire recycling businesses and local government programs.
  2. Review of new and existing waste tire recycling technologies.
  3. Review of waste tire facility permitting and handling/storage rules and regulations.

The conference included lecture and interactive sessions.  The objective of the conference was to positively impact tire recycling markets and to ensure that tires that are not diverted from disposal are handled safely and efficiently.

Potential benefits to conference attendees:

  • Increase sales of recycled waste tire manufacturing feedstock and recycled-content products by networking with suppliers and end users of waste tire manufacturing feedstock and recycled-content products.
  • Learn how to effectively market recycled content products or tire recycling programs.
  • Understand how new regulatory and legislative requirements might affect a business or recycling program.
  • Learn what recycling technologies can be used to recycle waste tires (including crumb rubber uses, waste tires as a fuel supplement, civil engineering applications, and devulcanization/pyrolysis technologies).

Conference Agenda