Questions about the Tire-Derived Product Grant Program application were accepted in writing only, no later than September 22, 2016. Similar or related questions were grouped together or reworded for clarity and responded to as one question.

The question and answer period is now closed for this grant cycle. All questions and answers are posted on this site.


  1. The Tire-Derived Product Grant Program has $725,000 available for this grant solicitation. That could be only a few grants. Is it still worth the effort to apply for the grant?

    In previous cycles, with oversubscription, CalRecycle has often been able to reallocate available monies previously identified for other purposes and programs. CalRecycle will make every effort to fund as many eligible applicants as possible.
  2. Will the Tire-Derived Product grant cover the renovation of a basketball court surface?

    It depends. Many school basketball courts are essentially an asphalt paving product, which is not eligible. Some premium basketball courts are constructed using crumb rubber in a cushion layer and/or base layer. Others may use a rubber tile product. In any case, the project would need to use at least 30,000 pounds (2,500 passenger tire equivalent) of crumb rubber. Virgin rubber is not eligible for reimbursement. Please check with your contractor to determine the amount of crumb rubber that would be used.

  3. Is repavement of the walking surface area of a baseball facility eligible? The surface is neither a "trail surface" or playground area.

    Walking paths that utilize asphalt or rubberized asphalt are not eligible. Paths that use crumb rubber and/or rubber nuggets are eligible and must use at least 30,000 pounds of crumb rubber and/or nuggets. 


  1. I operate a private nonprofit daycare for children. Am I eligible to receive funding for a pour-in-place playground for my facility?

    No. Private entities are not eligible. For a list of eligible entities, please see Eligible Applicants Section on page 3 of the Guidelines and Instructions.


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No questions were submitted in this category.