Wednesday, July 28, 2004
8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
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8:00 Registration/Light breakfastSponsor: Scrap Tire News
8:30Welcome and IntroductionsMike Paparian, CIWMB Board Member
8:45--Introduction to PSI
--Meeting Objectives, Stakeholder Roles/Process, Roadmap for the Future
--Agree on Problem Statement and Project Goals
Scott Cassel, PSI
9:30Key Tire Initiatives
--EPA’s Resource Conservation Challenge Tire Cluster
--Manufacturer Efforts in the U.S. and Canada
--Retailer and Recycler Efforts
--Pam Swingle, EPA Region IV
--Michael Blumenthal, RMA
--Glenn Maidment, RAC
--Mary Sikora, TIA
10:15Identification and prioritization of issues in Draft Tire Stewardship Action Plan
--Overview of issues and potential strategies
Julie Rhodes, PSI consultant
11:00 Break 
11:15Key Issue #1: Waste Tire Markets--Scott Cassel, PSI
--Julie Rhodes, PSI consultant
12:15LunchSponsor: Golden By-Products
1:00Key Issue #2: Tire-derived Fuel Markets--Scott Cassel, PSI
--Julie Rhodes, PSI consultant
2:45Key Issue #3: Rubberized Asphalt Concrete Markets--Scott Cassel, PSI
--Julie Rhodes, PSI consultant
4:15Next Steps:
--Summarize status of issues discussions
--Confirm priority strategies
--Clarify future meeting process
--Stakeholder assessment
--Distribution of project information
--Scott Cassel, PSI