TDA delivery and placement

TDA delivery and placement.

Tire-Derived Aggregate as Landslide Remediation/Slope Stabilization

The California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) (now the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery, or CalRecycle) teamed with the Mendocino County Department of Transportation to repair 160 feet of roadway along Marina Drive near the City of Ukiah.

The project involved removing the original soil fill used to construct the road and replacing it with the lighter tire-derived aggregate (TDA). CIWMB contracted with KENNEC, Inc. to develop the design and specifications for this project.

Utilizing the following resources, the engineer developed five construction-level drawings for the site. These drawings take into account the current and proposed conditions, excavation and fill (TDA) materials associated with the road construction, and alignment and drainage.

  • Existing county investigations.
  • Neighboring subdivision grading plans and topography maps.
  • A geotechnical study by Geotechnical Consultants, Inc.
  • The results from the hydrology analysis.
Cross section of TDA slide repair design showing two layers

Cross section of TDA slide repair design showing two layers
of Type B TDA fill above reinforced backfill soil with colluvium
material. The TDA layers and final grade are covered by 3-foot
layers of low permeability cover soil.

Through site visits and hydrology analysis the engineer developed a surface water management design for the Marina Drive slide repair. The storm water management system was designed to optimize the site's characteristics (e.g., topography, soil logistics, and hydrology), with consideration to TDA technology and the proposed final condition of the site.

This project used approximately 133,000 waste tires and resulted in an overall cost savings to the county of $740,000.

Final cover soil placement over TDA fill

Final cover soil placement over TDA fill.

Completed TDA repair project

Completed TDA repair project.