The mission of CalRecycle's used oil recycling program is to protect California’s environment and the health of its inhabitants by increasing the amount of used lubricating oil recycled by the public. Created by the California Oil Recycling Enhancement Act of 1992 (PRC section 48600-48691), the program includes the development of a collection infrastructure, the financial support of local recycling programs, and public outreach to promote recycling. The program is funded by a $0.16-per-gallon fee on the sale of lubricating oil (e.g., motor oil and transmission fluid with certain exemptions) for use in the state.

Public Resources Code, Chapter 4, Article 9, Section 9, Enforcement authorizes CalRecycle to take enforcement actions including collecting fines and/or imprisonment of persons for a variety of causes. Those include:

  • With intent to defraud, inaccurately reporting the amount of oil sold, collected or transferred.

  • Nonpayment of $0.16 per gallon fee on the sale of lubricating oil.

  • Claiming an exemption from payment of the $0.16 per gallon fee which the person knows to be false.

If any enforcement actions have been taken against oil manufacturers, collection centers, and recyclers, the enforcement orders page will provide links to the final enforcement orders or stipulated agreements.