The Used Oil Payment Program (OPP) home page contains other detailed information about this program. This page provides information needed to apply for the OPP Cycle 3, fiscal year (FY) 2012/2013 payment cycle.


OPP2 (awarded October 8, 2012)

Oil Payment Program Online (OPPO) Application Access

This material is provided for information only and should not be used to apply for subsequent payment cycles. The application deadline for this cycle was June 29, 2012.

First time users of the OPPO system must:

  1. Obtain a CalRecycle WebPass. Note: Those who previously obtained a WebPass for a CalRecycle system (i.e., Local Government Information Center (LoGIC), E-Waste, BGR, etc.) do not need to obtain a new WebPass.
  2. Request "access" to the system by sending an e-mail to their Program Advisor after obtaining their WebPass.

Returning users can immediately login into OPPO system.

If you have questions, please contact your Program Advisor (formerly referred to as your Grant Manager).

Timeline for FY 2012/2013 OPP Cycle 3
DatesActivity and Details
May 31, 2012Online Application Open Date:
  • Applications will be available on this date thru June 29, 2012 - customer service will be provided during the application period and until 5:00 p.m. on the deadline date.
  • If potential applicants do not have the capability to submit an online application, call and ask to speak with OPP Cycle Support: (916) 324-8867
June 29, 2012Online Application Deadline:
  • Applications are due on this date - customer service will only be provided until 5:00 p.m. on this date.
  • If potential applicants do not have the capability to submit an online application, call and ask to speak with OPP Cycle Support: (916) 324-8867
August 1, 2012Documents Deadline (if the resolution is not submitted at the time of submission of the online application): The approved/final resolution must be uploaded to the OPPO application system by this date. The requirement for a resolution is detailed in the OPP Cycle 3 Guidelines and example resolution language is available.
April 2013Payments Awarded: Payment amounts will be determined as soon as possible after the secondary deadline date. A single payment will be made in April 2013, unless an October payment is requested by the applicant and subsequently approved by CalRecycle. Payment dates may be subject to change. Funding subject to State budget approval.
July 1, 2012-June 30, 2014 Term: Refer to OPP Cycle 3 Guidelines for specifics.
August 15, 2013Deadline for: Submission of online Annual Report (due no later than August 15th of each year during performance period).

Resolutions and Other Authorizing Documentation

Language has been developed as examples for use by applicants and regional participants who are required to submit a resolution or other documentation authorizing, among other things, authority to submit the payment application. The examples identify required information and provide example language. Please consult with your attorney before using the example language.