Mark Oldfield is CalRecycle’s communications director. As head of CalRecycle’s Office of Public Affairs, Mr. Oldfield manages media relations and public outreach efforts to help inform and educate California residents about issues including resource conservation, recycling, and waste reduction.

Mr. Oldfield has worked on a variety of statewide education campaigns, including reducing unnecessary oil changes, beverage container recycling to conserve energy and natural resources, and tire sustainability to maximize vehicle tire life and reduce the number of waste tires that need to be recycled.

Mr. Oldfield joined CalRecycle when it was created in 2010. Previously, he served in the public affairs office at the California Department of Conservation, where he managed outreach related to beverage container recycling, earthquake hazards, land conservation, oil and gas production, and surface mining. Prior to his work in state government, Mr. Oldfield was a newspaper reporter and editor, where over the course of his career he covered sports, entertainment, and business news and served as features editor and business editor. Mr. Oldfield holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications from California State University, Sacramento.