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  • Synthetic Playing Fields: What's Up?

    Curious about the state’s forthcoming study on the use of crumb rubber in artificial playing fields? See the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment’s most recent update about the report, as well as its new fact sheet.


    Posted on In the Loop by CalRecycle Staff on Sep 12, 2016

  • Waste Disposal Rate Inches Up as California Economy Improves


    While landfilling is typically considered cheaper than recycling, the costs of recycling do not accurately reflect the money saved by reduced greenhouse gas emissions; money saved by using recycled feedstock as opposed to virgin feedstock in material production; and the money saved on water and fertilizer for agricultural production when organic material is recycled into compost and applied to soil, making it more nutrient-rich and better able to retain moisture.

    See the full news release, including a table listing California statewide waste disposal, population, and per resident disposal from 1989 to 2015.

    Posted on In the Loop by CalRecycle Staff on Jul 21, 2016