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  • Relationship Goals: Planning the Perfect Heart-Melting Less-Waste Date Night


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    Nothing says “I love you” like spending $19.6 billion! Well, OK, that’s a collective $19.6 billion. According to the National Retail Federation, that is what U.S. consumers are planning to spend this Valentine’s Day. That includes candy, flowers, clothing, jewelry, and dates—all great stuff, but then there’s all the packaging and other waste generated in the wake of your romantic day. Now, if all of that makes you quiver more than a loving look from your sweetheart, rest assured there are ways around making a pile of trash. Show your honey (and Mother Nature) you love them with these less-waste experience date night ideas for every type of couple.


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    The Romantic Couple

    For those lovers who still get butterflies in their stomachs every time they set eyes on each other, pack a tasty picnic with reusable silverware, plates, a bottle of wine (don’t forget to recycle it), and a blanket. Get cozy and stargaze at night, or head out to a park during a sunny day. Bonus points if you can find a rose garden! Or, if you love romantic movies, meet your sweetie at a meaningful destination a la Sleepless in Seattle or An Affair to Remember.


    The Whimsical Couple

    Three words: living room teepee. OK, the whimsical date holds a special place in my heart because I’ve actually been on this date. Nothing melts my heart more than a less-waste movie night (Netflix it) or a story time (borrow or buy your favorite book) in a living room teepee. Those flowers will wilt and some of those chocolates might end up in the trash (who likes cherry filling, anyway?). But, the memory of snuggling up like kids in a teepee and reading favorite stories, watching cute movies, and coloring personalized Valentine cards will always fill your heart.


    The Daring Couple

    Do you love your partner as much as you love adventures and trying new things? Hike a new trail, take surfing lessons, or try indoor rock-climbing—talk about learning to trust your bae! If you’re a pair of daredevils, plan a sasquatch hunt (also known as camping) or book a stay at a haunted hotel for a night of ghost hunting. Nothing will bring you closer to your boo than a potential boo from a spirit! It’ll also give you an excuse to hold each other all night.


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    The Cultured Couple

    For the more sophisticated types, start your date with wine tasting. And if you’re really interested about how your date will impact the environment, look for a vineyard that does business with a less-waste model. Thankfully, there are many out there, especially in wine country. Visit an art gallery or see a play for the main event, and then relax with a couples massage. 


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    The Fun-Loving Couple

    And lastly, for the fun-loving, up-for-anything, life-of-the-party couple, spend your Valentine’s with a fun activity like mini-golf, bowling, or dance lessons. It’ll give you an excuse to get your arms around each other when learning. If you’re kind of artsy, dust off your camera and head out to explore your town with a photo walk. Hold hands, take photos of each other in your favorite places, then share your photos with each other. It’s always fun to see yourself from the perspective of someone who loves you.

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  • Merry Christmas from Your Friends at CalRecycle

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  • To Flock or Not to Flock

    For those longing for a white Christmas, many tree lots offer artificial snow flocking for a little extra glam. Before you think about flocking your tree with artificial snow, however, check with your local waste management company to see if they accept flocked trees for recycling. Each local jurisdiction manages Christmas tree recycling differently, says CalRecycle composting expert Elena Yates. “Some jurisdictions will not accept flocked trees, including the San Francisco Bay Area. Trees will be collected but they are not compostable.” A flocked tree is considered contaminated organic material, she explains, and “pretty much guarantees it will be landfilled.”


    It’s easy to see why when you read the ingredients in traditional flocking: chemical solvents, propellants, and flame retardants are not suitable for composting. Some say you could wash the flocking off your tree at the end of the season, but that seems impractical—especially in the middle of winter when it’s cold. Even if you do wash your tree, it’s difficult to know whether it will be clean enough for organics recycling, and you may have needlessly used another precious and limited resource—water—to do so. (And just where is that “rinse” water going, anyway?)

    Some Christmas tree flocking products claim to be environmentally friendly. The ingredients are less harmful and include post-production paper cellulose and corn starch.  Rather than using chemical adhesives, they use plant starches as a natural glue. Still, your local jurisdiction may or may not accept flocked trees for recycling, even if you use environmentally friendly flocking, so check with them ahead of time.

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