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  • Maya Angelou: Inspiring Us to Fight for a Better World

    Today is Black Poetry Day, and arguably one of the best American poets of all time was Maya Angelou. She inspired many through her poems, her spoken words, and her endless fight for civil rights.  

    Even though Angelou passed away five years ago, her quotes are still used on social media to encourage and inspire others.  I wanted to share this quote that was posted recently:

    Nothing will work unless you do.

    Maya Angelou: Nothing will work unless you do.

    I thought this quote is relevant for those who care about creating a greener and more sustainable environment. We all need to be willing to do our part to reduce, reuse, and recycle in order to make things better for future generations. Our ecosystem will not function properly if we don't do anything to clean it up.  

    So, go ahead and do something to help the environment, and then maybe you can inspire others, much like Maya Angelou continues to do.  


    Posted on In the Loop by Syd Fong on Nov 1, 2019