Ready, Set, Graduate: Perfect Presents for Pupils



When I was in college, there were no iPhones, Netflix didn’t have an online streaming option, and I’m pretty sure Facebook was still called The Facebook. Many things have changed since then, but at least one thing remains the same—it’s grad season and it’s time to celebrate that special student in your life! Here are the perfect presents for the practical (past) pupil—oh, and they’re environmentally friendly. 


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Econ 101

What do all college students lack? Cash money! Sure, it’s not the most thoughtful gift, but cash is something every recent graduate needs, and they can use it to buy whatever they want—or even stuff they don’t want (like their first student loan payment). Plus, cash doesn’t come with unnecessary frills or packaging. Put it in a recyclable envelope, direct deposit it, or just make it rain.


Later, Lunch Lady

Luckily, I had a grandma to cook my meals during my four years of college, but not everyone is that fortunate. College meals for your graduate most likely included Top Ramen, microwaveable mac and cheese, and cafeteria food. So, while they were feeding their minds, learning how to cook was probably on the back burner. Buy them some cooking lessons because while they may not need trigonometry in real life, they sure will need to eat at some point! And when you understand cooking, you understand the importance of avoiding food waste.


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Physical Education

Most colleges offer free gym services so students can burn off stress and calories, but once out of school, regular gyms can be incredibly expensive. Help them stay fit, strong, and healthy by getting them a gym membership. And while you’re at it, get them a reusable water bottle—they’re going to need to stay hydrated while getting swole.


AV Members Only

Once they’re out of school, your graduate can take a breather—and maybe binge on some shows they missed out on while they were studying. Get them a Hulu, Netflix, or HBO Go subscription so they can chill out in front of the TV for a day (or week). Alternatively, if you want them to stay woke and keep up with current events, order them an online subscription to a newspaper like the New York Times or Los Angeles Times—no newspapers to recycle, just important breaking news.


If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

But, if it is broken, do fix it instead of throwing it in the trash. It may have been a while since they took a shop class, but it’s vital that your grad have a tool kit—and not the kind of tools that came with your assembly-required IKEA desk for your college apartment. (I guarantee you’re not going to be able to fix anything with two Allen wrenches and a leftover wooden peg.) Get them a real tool kit with all the essentials because (1) it’s expensive to buy new things every time they break and (2) there’s no reason to throw items in the trash just because they have a loose screw or a wobbly leg.

Did we miss any gifts that are perfect for the eco-friendly college or high school graduate? Let us know!

— TC Clark
Posted on May 23, 2018

Summary: It’s grad season and it’s time to celebrate that special student in your life! Here are the perfect presents for the practical (past) pupil—oh, and they’re environmentally friendly.