"Bee" on Your Way to a Zero Waste Halloween!

Wrap your candy in beeswax cloth wrap and reuse it for leftovers or a pack lunch

CalRecycle’s Social Committee and Zero Waste team have joined forces for a Zero Waste Halloween by using reusable packaging and buying candy in bulk to make “Boo Grams” for their co-workers and friends. You can make them, too!

This year’s CalRecycle “Boo Grams” come in either a reusable mason jar or homemade beeswax cloth wrap.  Beeswax cloth wraps are an alternative to plastic wrap. They are designed to store food or to wrap treats. 

You can buy reusable beeswax wraps, but, it turns out, making your own is a fun and easy DIY project! I attended a workshop at the Ecology Center in Berkeley to learn how. Read on to learn how to “bee” on your way to a Zero Waste Halloween!

How to make your own beeswax cloth wrap

Materials needed:


  • Cut the fabric to your desired size.
  • Use the cheese grater to grate the beeswax. If you have the pellets, skip this step.
  • Place the fabric on the ironing board with a piece of parchment paper underneath and on top.
  • Spread a handful of beeswax on the cloth. (Note: Less is more!)
  • Use the iron to melt the beeswax onto the cloth. Add more beeswax, if necessary, to areas on the cloth with no wax. 
  • Use pinking shears to trim the edges.
  • Voila! Enjoy your DIY beeswax wrap!

How to care for your beeswax wrap

Use your beeswax wrap to wrap sandwiches, cheeses, or produce, or to cover a bowl!

  • Wash with cool water and gentle soap. Let dry.
  • Use the warmth of your hands to flatten it out for storage.
  • To store, use the warmth of your hands to flatten it.
  • Not recommend for use with raw meat.

— Angela Vincent
Posted on Oct 29, 2018

Summary: Making your own reusable beeswax wraps is a fun and easy DIY project!