Ken DaRosa

Mr. DaRosa has served as the department's chief deputy director since 2012.

Mr. DaRosa’s state service began in 1993 when he worked as a student assistant with the Department of Toxic Substances Control. In 1995 Mr. DaRosa began an eight year career with the Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs, serving as support staff in the department’s Medi-Cal program, an analyst in the licensing and budget branches, and a supervisor for program and fiscal policy. In 2004, Mr. DaRosa began working at the Department of Finance where he held a variety of roles beginning as a staff finance analyst and concluding as program budget manager. During his eight-year tenure with the Department of Finance, Mr. DaRosa’s budget responsibilities included health and human services, energy, natural resources, and environmental protection.

Mr. DaRosa earned a Master of Arts degree in literature at California State University, Sacramento.