Recycled glass plaque given to jurisdictions that met the State's waste reduction mandate by 2000Reducing our waste requires the combined efforts of government, businesses, and the public. The progress made in a few short years has been remarkable--reaching and maintaining a statewide average diversion rate of 50 percent and beyond.

This achievement would not have been possible without tremendous effort on the part of local governments all over the state, providing a wide range of exciting and successful waste reduction programs in their communities. Now that the 50 percent statewide diversion goal has been reached, the Integrated Waste Management Board is focusing on other ways to recognize jurisdictions specific to the diversion mandate and is no longer offering the Trash Cutter awards.

Jurisdictions that met the waste diversion requirements of the California Integrated Waste Management Act in 2000 received a "Resources for the Future Award" (see photo at right). This special award was the CIWMB's way of congratulating jurisdictions for reaching 50 percent waste diversion, reaching a Board-approved reduced goal, or making a "good-faith effort" to achieve the goal.

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