Quarterly Requirements

The following reports must be submitted for every reporting quarter to CalRecycle by counties or agencies. Counties should receive disposal reports from the facilities in their county every quarter and compile these reports for CalRecycle. See our detailed list of due datesfor more information on when facilities must submit reports to county staff.

Below are forms provided by CalRecycle to help counties and agencies fill out complete disposal reports. While these reports don’t have a required format, it is important to make sure that all information required on the forms below is being reported to CalRecycle in a clear manner.

Counties can submit these reports online through the electronic Disposal Reporting System (eDRS) or they can send them to the Disposal Report Coordinator. eDRS allows counties to upload or manually enter their disposal reports, and provides online forms to manually enter their facility summary reports. More information on eDRS can be found on our overview page or on the county training page, which provides the specifics of the eDRS system.

Disposal Reports

Disposal reports detail each jurisdiction’s disposal tonnage (including waste from out of state) at each landfill in the reporting county as well as each jurisdiction’s disposal tonnage at any landfills outside California (exports). CalRecycle provides an Excel form to help meet this requirement. For counties interested in uploading their reports, please see the County Training page for more information on the upload process.

Facility Summary Reports (FSRs)

Facility summary reports are required for each landfill accepting waste in the reporting county. FSRs report total tonnages for a landfill over the reporting quarter. The totals reported in the FSR should match those reported in the disposal report.

  • Facility Summary Report Template with Instructions Word | Excel

Annual Requirements

Every year all permitted and active facilities (landfills, stations, and transformation facilities) must complete an annual facility methods report. These annual methods reports provide details about each specific facility's operations to CalRecycle. There are forms provided below to assist counties and facilities in meeting these requirements. These forms are due annually to CalRecycle on April 15th for the previous year.

Station Annual Methods Report

Landfill Annual Methods Report

Transformation Facility Annual Methods Report

Submitting Reports to CalRecycle

To Email a Report: drs@calrecycle.ca.gov

To Mail a Hard Copy:

Disposal Reporting Coordinator
Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle)
801 K Street
Mail Stop 17-01
Sacramento, CA 95812-4025

To Fax a Report: (916) 319-7696

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