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Program CodeProgram TypeCode Descriptions
1000-SR-XGCXeriscaping, GrasscyclingXeriscaping/Grasscycling



1010-SR-BCMBackyard & On-Site Composting/MulchingBackyard Composting

On-site composting by businesses
(can include any organics)

(For schools, see code 3050-CM-SCH)

On-site composting by residences
(can include any organics)

1020-SR-BWRBusiness Source ReductionBusiness Waste Reduction

Business Waste Prevention

Ceramic cups
Paper form reduction
Electronic media
Double-sided copies


Diaper service

Auto dismantling

DMV-funded auto abatement program
(if parts pulled)

Salvage yards

1030-SR-PMTProcurementProcurement Programs

Joint purchase pools

Procurement of Recycled-Content Products

1040-SR-SCHSchool Source Reduction School Waste Reduction

School waste prevention

District waste prevention

1050-SR-GOVGovernment Source ReductionGovernment Waste Reduction

In-house Source Reduction - city, county, state, federal.

1060-SR-MTEMaterial Exchange, Thrift ShopsMaterials Exchange

Regional waste exchange

Garage sales

Flea markets


Food exchanges

1070-SR-OTHOther Source Reduction 

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