CalRecycle is committed to using our available resources to support recycling markets and help build a more robust materials processing infrastructure in order to reduce the state's reliance on global markets for recyclable material. The following are some of CalRecycle’s current programs and initiatives that may assist jurisdictions.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Grant and Loan Programs

CalRecycle's GHG grants and loans provide financial incentives for capital investments in infrastructure for recycling and manufacturing facilities that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Grants are targeted to build or expand organics infrastructure for manufacturing products with recycled content fiber, plastic, or glass. These programs are part of California Climate Investments, a statewide program that puts billions of Cap-and-Trade dollars to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ) Program

The RMDZ program combines recycling with economic development to fuel new businesses, expand existing ones, create jobs, and divert waste from landfills. The program provides loans, technical assistance, and product marketing to businesses that use recyclable materials to manufacture their products.

Packaging Material Management

New materials and packaging continue to be introduced into the California marketplace, with significant implications for the state’s resource recovery infrastructure. CalRecycle estimates that packaging represents about one quarter of California's total disposal stream. The department has focused efforts since 2012 by engaging all stakeholders to identify and explore opportunities relative to packaging as one part of a comprehensive set of strategies to reach the statewide 75 percent goal.

CalRecycle continues to pursue options for reducing waste and increasing the recyclability of packaging through our upcoming packaging reform initiative, and is dedicated to reducing contamination of all recycling streams as a part of its effort to combat climate change and meet mandates for reducing the amount of organics going to landfills.

Responses and Resources

  • March 2019 Recycling Outreach Campaign (Information Item 1) 
  • November 2018 Workshop-Shifting Recycling Markets and Impacts on AB 939 Compliance for Jurisdictions:
    • These transcripts are using Microsoft Indexer (From the top left menu choose "Timeline", from top right menu choose "View", and then "Accessibility” to see the transcript).
    • Recorded webcast, YouTube (02:51:59) | Transcript
    • Presenter slides
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