Recycled tire rubber is being used in many products for sustainable outdoor landscape and walkway surfaces. Rubber landscape mulch is the most innovative replacement for traditional loose-fill materials such as wood chips, sand and gravel. Other colorful durable molded rubber products are designed for use in high-traffic areas such as sidewalks, decorative stone, pavers and pathways.


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Product Descriptions

Rubber landscape mulch looks like bark

Landscape Mulch
Rubber landscape mulch, resembling wood bark, is made from 100 percent truck tire buffings and is typically 2-4 inches in length. Recycled rubber nuggets are also used as mulch, and are made by size reducing whole tires to 1/2" to 3/4" in size. Both landscape products are available in a variety of colors, and are durable and low maintenance. 

Walkway made from tire crumb rubberSidewalks and Walkway Surfaces
Crumb rubber made from tires is used to manufacture a very wide range of products that fit into the sidewalks and walkways category. The products generally are porous, low maintenance, durable and long lasting compared to conventional products, and often offer other benefits as well. Modular rubber sidewalks can replace conventional concrete sidewalks, and are able to flex in response to tree roots. When necessary due to tree root growth, that sidewalk sections can be replaced one at a time at a lower cost than replacing an entire concrete sidewalk. Pour-in-place pathways can be produced in endless shapes and colors, and provide a softer, safer surface than concrete. A vast range of stones, pavers, and tiles are also available in numerous variations to fit most any type of residential or commercial landscape need, including utility pathways, walkways, pavilions, pool-side, patio, and porch applications. These products can satisfy relevant performance standards such as skid resistance, shock attenuation, tensile strength, permeability, and freeze/thaw. 

Edging made from tiresEdging and Curbs
Edging and curbs made with recycled tire rubber add life to commercial landscaping and gardens, planter boxes, playgrounds and sports fields with varied curves and bends not feasible with traditional landscape timber and plastic. The edges and curbs stand up to harsh weather and will not rust, corrode, chip, or crack. The products are slip-resistant and nontoxic, making it safer for children. 

Rubber tree wells

Tree Wells
Rubber tree wells are uniquely designed to protect tree roots and encourage deep rooting, thereby reducing the risk of trip hazards and cracked sidewalks. The material is porous and creates a healthy environment for the tree and its roots. They are long-lasting and durable, and nonintrusive to install. They can satisfy performance standards such as permeability and others. 

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