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Regulated Businesses: Compliance Assistance

Quickly access information related to your recycling or solid-waste-related business, including certification, registration, permitting, reporting, and payments. Businesses that handle, recycle, and dispose of materials from California’s waste stream will find the resources here to comply with CalRecycle’s environmental requirements.


Grow Your Business: Financial & Market Development Assistance

Develop your organics (composting, anaerobic digestion, etc.), recycled-content manufacturing, or other recycling-based business with loans, grants, and/or technical assistance from CalRecycle. and other state agencies. Find resources to facilitate business development with respect to planning, siting, funding, marketing, and much more.


Green Your Business: Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

Don’t throw profits out with the trash! Make your business more sustainable to save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions with help from CalRecycle. Green and grow any business with various resources and tools designed to reduce you environmental footprint.


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Last updated: March 15, 2017
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