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  • Directory of SABRC Certified Products is available.
  • The Fiscal Year SABRC Annual Report (SAR) filing is due by October 31st each year.
  • Exception: The Calendar Year SABRC Annual Report filing, for Fairs and Expositions, is due by March 1st each year.

The State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign (SABRC) is a joint effort between the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) and the Department of General Services (DGS) to implement State law requiring State agencies and the Legislature to purchase recycled-content products (RCP). It complements the efforts of the Integrated Waste Management Act (Public Resources Code 4000 et al), which was enacted to reduce the amount of waste going to California’s landfills.

In addition to purchasing RCPs, State agencies need to track their purchases in order to annually submit a report. An agency tracks their procurement through its own procurement tracking device or with the spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel, 27 KB) developed by CalRecycle.

The benefits of buying RCPs: Buying RCPs helps State agencies and the Legislature attain their mandated goals outlined in the Public Contract Code (PCC) (12153-12320). Further advantages also include promoting businesses and sustaining our environment by way of creating jobs, improving markets for recycled products, reducing manufacturing waste and pollution, reducing energy consumption, and, finally, diverting waste from landfills.

Agencies can save money by purchasing RCPs since many RCPs are cost-competitive with their virgin counterparts. State government leaders understand the cost savings opportunities of buying RCPs and encourage all State agencies to patronize businesses that will assist them in meeting the State’s mandates. Find out how State agencies are doing in meeting their recycled-content product purchase requirements.

The Local Assistance and Market Development Division of CalRecycle assists staff from all State agencies and the Legislature to establish practices for purchasing RCPs and other environmentally preferable products and helps State agencies meet the requirements of the SABRC.

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Helping State Agencies Buy Recycled-Content Products

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