California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign

SABRC Manual and Tools

Listed below are various resources and tools State agencies can use to implement a successful State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign (SABRC) program.

  • Public Contract Code (PCC) Statutes Pertaining to the SABRC. Laws that State agencies need to follow.
  • Glossary of Terms. Definitions of the terms most frequently used in the SABRC.
  • SABRC Overview. Covers the basic terms to know, requirements of reporting agencies, verifying postconsumer recycled content, acceptable postconsumer recycled content verification options, how to find postconsumer recycled-content products, as well as other tips and resources.
  • SABRC Training: Informational slides that provide an overview and important points to help understand the SABRC program.
  • FI$CAL Data Export: Informational slides that provide an overview on how to export data from FI$Cal.
  • Steps to Implement a Successful Buy Recycled Program: A step-by-step guide.
  • Immediate Actions to Increase RCP Purchases. Includes steps that State agencies can take right away to increase their procurement of recycled-content products.
  • State Administrative Manual (SAM) Section 1900. This chapter informs employees at state facilities of CalRecycle policies and procedures regarding the prevention of solid waste generation and, alternatively, the reuse or recycling of solid waste.
  • State Contracting Manual (SCM), Volume 2 Chapter 12, Topic 5: Reporting Requirements and State Contracting Manual (SCM) and Volume 3 (Information Technology) Chapter 12, Topic 5: Reporting Requirements both contain information pertaining to SABRC requirements for contractors.
  • How to Find State Contracts and Vendors. Handout that includes information from Statewide Commodity Contracts, DGS Buying Green Website, and using the DGS eProcurement system
  • Postconsumer-Content Certification Form (CalRecycle form 74: MS Word | Fillable PDF). State agencies may use this form to obtain recycled-content certification from businesses providing products, materials, goods, or supplies offered or sold to the State within the reportable categories.
  • Product Categories, Content Requirements, and Procurement Mandates A quick reference sheet for use by State agencies who must abide by the SABRC laws--shows products that contain the minimum postconsumer content requirements as developed by CalRecycle.
  • Composite Product Reporting for SABRC. Basic explanation of how to report composite material purchases (i.e. material made of one or more reportable product categories) for state agencies. The total cost of composite products can only be reported in ONE category. Agencies determine which product category the purchase should be reported under.
  • Purchasing and Tracking Tools: Many resources are available to help you learn more about recycled-content products (RCP) and other environmentally preferable products.
  • CalRecycle Contacts for State Agencies. List of the CalRecycle Local Assistance and Market Development assigned to each state agency that can be contact with questions.
Last updated: September 13, 2017
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