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Landscape Waste Prevention

Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Drought tolerant and sustainable landscaping practices save water, reduce garden waste and take less work, saving you time and money. Many native and drought tolerant plants are also very beautiful, so you do not have to sacrifice a gorgeous landscape.

California is in a severe drought. The Governor has issued an emergency executive order (PDF, 3.3 MB) to help conserve water. To support this effort visit Save Our Water, for important guidelines about conserving water.

Application of compost and mulch enhances soils by adding organic matter. Adding organic matter increases the water-holding capacity of soils, reducing erosion, and conserving water. Many California soils are low in organic matter and high in clay; compost improves the texture of these soils so water can infiltrate more easily, reducing runoff and saving that water for plants.

Water Conservation

CalRecycle encourages the use of drought tolerant and sustainable landscaping practices and participates with many local and regional groups to spread the word about the role of compost and mulch from recycled organics in saving water and increasing the sustainability of California’s developed environment. Below are a few of the groups with which we collaborate:

Other notable water savings programs in California:

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  • Denver has a water saving ordinance using compost's water holding capacity. On all newly constructed premises, property owners must amend their soil with compost so that soil will retain water.

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Last updated: April 15, 2015
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