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Recycling Market Development Zones

Program News...
  • The next Zone Works training workshop will be held on April 6-7, 2016. More information will be posted when available. Contact: Marshalle Graham
  • The RMDZ CEQA Tool Kit is a series of web pages designed to guide a potential or existing zone through the CEQA process.
  • Learn about a number of resources for starting, growing, financing, expanding, or relocating a business in California through the California Economic Development Partnership.
  • Loan Interest Rate: 4.0 percent.

The Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ) program combines recycling with economic development to fuel new businesses, expand existing ones, create jobs, and divert waste from landfills.

This program provides attractive loans, technical assistance, and free product marketing to businesses that use materials from the waste stream to manufacture their products and are located in a zone. The zones cover roughly 88,000 square miles of California from the Oregon border to San Diego.

Assistance is provided by local zone administrators. Local government incentives may include relaxed building codes and zoning laws, streamlined local permit processes, reduced taxes and licensing, and increased and consistent secondary material feedstock supply. Local incentives vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In addition to loans, CalRecycle offers free product marketing through the RecycleStore.

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Last updated: November 2, 2015
Recycling Market Development Zone Program:
Zone Assistance: Regional Zone Contacts or, (916) 341-6199