In 2014, CalRecycle implemented the Imported Empty Beverage Container Reporting and Inspection Program in collaboration with the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). One requirement of the program is that anyone bringing more than 25 pounds of aluminum, bimetal, or plastic empty beverage container material, or more than 250 pounds of glass empty beverage container material, into California in a motor vehicle, must complete an Imported Material Report (IMR) and present it to a CDFA border station agent upon seeking entry into the state.

CalRecycle provides information recently submitted by importers on their IMRs (see below), including the importer’s name, vehicle license plate number, and type of vehicle used to import empty beverage container materials. This information is being provided to all certified or registered program participants as a preventative measure to help ensure compliance with applicable statutes and regulations, and not as a determination that these individuals redeemed or attempted to redeem imported empty beverage container materials.

Only certified processors may accept imported material and they shall only pay scrap value. If you are not a processor, and any of the individuals on these lists, or any other individual, contacts you, and/or attempts to sell or deliver imported empty beverage container materials to you, please contact CalRecycle's Beverage Container Recycling fraud tip line (1-866-CAN-LOAD [226-5623]), or, and provide any identifying information that may assist in an investigation.

2021 Importers Reporting Shipments to CalRecycle

2021 Imported Materials Destination List

2020 Importers Reporting Shipments to CalRecycle

2020 Imported Materials Destination List

2019 Importers Reporting Shipments to CalRecycle

2019 Imported Materials Destination List

2018 Importers Reporting Shipments to CalRecycle

2018 Imported Materials Destination List

2017 Importers Reporting Shipments to CalRecycle

2017 Imported Materials Destination List

2016 Importers Reporting Shipments to CalRecycle

2016 Imported Materials Destination List

2015 Importers Reporting Shipments to CalRecycle

2015 Imported Materials Destination List

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As stakeholders in California’s Beverage Container Recycling Program, your cooperation in protecting the Recycling Fund is appreciated. If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact:

Official Notice

The official notice regarding Information Associated with Persons Importing Empty Beverage Container Material was sent to all Certified Processors on November 12, 2014.