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October 19, 2021

Taking historic action to fight trash pollution and the climate crisis, Governor Gavin Newsom signed seven new laws to build a more renewable, circular economy in California.

CalRecycle also launched statewide disaster debris recovery operations to help survivors of the 2021 wildfire season recover and rebuild.

The Department also announced new grant funds to support:

  • A beverage container recycling pilot program in Sonoma County.
  • A vibration mitigation project using recycled tires along the Los Angeles Metro Train Line.
  • Six businesses that remanufacture recycled tires into new products.

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September 21, 2021

  • CalRecycle approved 5 local pilot projects to help communities test innovative new methods of CRV redemption.
    • Encouraged by their success, the Legislature and Governor authorized CalRecycle to approve 5 additional pilot projects, and CalRecycle has announced it is accepting applications now.
  • The department also highlighted the recent LA Climate Tour, where CalRecycle Director Rachel Machi Wagoner visited food rescue and food waste recycling sites in the LA are that are already implementing California’s new climate law.
  • The Statewide Commission on Recycling Markets and Curbside Recycling co-chair Richard Valle announced recommendations on a wide range of issues impacting California’s recycling and waste system.
  • And a video highlighting a compost facility in San Joaquin County helping communities comply with SB 1383 implementation by recycling their organic waste and transforming it into valuable compost.

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Videos Played During Meeting

  • LA Climate Tour: YouTube (2:49)| Transcript
  • Statewide Commission on Recycling Markets and Curbside Recycling Recommendations: YouTube (5:35)| Transcript
  • California communities fight climate change by turning climate causing organics into compost: YouTube (2:56) | Transcript
  • Applications Being Accepted for 5 Additional Beverage Container Recycling Program Pilot Project: YouTube (1:41) | Transcript

August 17, 2021

  • An update on the Beverage Container Recycling Program pilot projects and an announcement that applications are open for California communities who want to pilot new models for bottle and can redemption.
  • A progress report on California’s wildfire debris removal program underway throughout the state.
  • Data from the Biomass Conversion Facility Annual Report.
  • And a highlights from a recent discussion CalRecycle Director Rachel Machi Wagoner and CalRecycle employees had with members from the Local Conservation Corps about green jobs and efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste.

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July 20, 2021

  • CalRecycle and all of its partner agencies reached a major milestone in the statewide wildfire debris removal cleanup program.
  • The California state budget allocated funds for five new beverage container recycling pilot projects.
  • And the department announced grant awards to 59 Local Enforcement Agencies to help carry out solid waste facilities permit and inspection programs.

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June 15, 2021

  • CalRecycle announced 14 grant awards to the Local Conservation Corps which help clean up our communities and reduce waste, as well as help youth from disadvantaged communities gain valuable career development skills.
  • The department also launched new tools and resources to help communities comply with upcoming organic waste recycling and edible food recovery rules.
  • CalRecycle’s enforcement branch announced that the city of Tracy formally has come into compliance with Mandatory Commercial Recycling laws.

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