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Title 27, Environmental Protection--Division 2, Solid Waste

Chapter 1: General

Article 1
Purpose, Scope and Applicability of this Subdivision
Sections 20005-20090

Chapter 2: Definitions Top of Page

Article 1
Statutory Definitions
Sections 20150-20163

Article 2
Specific Definitions
Section 20164

Chapter 3: Criteria for All Waste Management Units, Facilities, and Disposal Sites Top of Page
Subchapter 1: General

Article 1
CIWMB General
Sections 20180-20182

Subchapter 2: Siting and Design

Article 1
[Reserved by SWRCB]

Article 2
SWRCB--Waste Classification and Management
Sections 20200-20100
Table 2.1 Summary of Waste Management Strategies for Discharges of Waste to Land
Sections 20220-20230

Article 3
Waste Management Unit, Facility, or Disposal Site Classification and Siting
Sections 20240-20270

Article 4
SWRCB-Waste Management Unit Construction Standards
Sections 20310-20377
Table 3.1 SWRCB's Geologic and Siting Criteria for Classified Units — Unit Classification
Table 4.1 Construction Standards for Units
Figure 4.1 Summary of Liner Requirements for Classified Waste Management Units


Subchapter 3: Water Monitoring

Article 1
SWRCB--Water Quality Monitoring and Response Programs for Solid Waste Management Units
Sections 20380-20435

Subchapter 4: Criteria for Landfills and Disposal Sites

Article 1
CIWMB--Operating Criteria
Sections 20510-20660

Article 2
CIWMB--Daily and Intermediate Cover
Sections 20670-20705

Article 3
CIWMB--Handling, Equipment and Maintenance
Sections 20710 - 20750

Article 4
Sections 20760-20900

Article 5
CIWMB--Fire Control at Active and Closed Disposal Sites

Article 6
Gas Monitoring and Control at Active and Closed Disposal Sites
Sections 20917-20945

Subchapter 5: Closure and Postclosure Maintenance

Article 1
General Standards for All Waste Management Units
Section 20950

Article 2
Closure and Postclosure Maintenance Standards for Disposal Sites and Landfills
Sections 21090-21200

Article 3
SWRCB--Closure Standards for Units Other Than Landfills
Sections 21400-21420

Article 4
Standards for Composting Facilities [Reserved]
Section 21430

Chapter 4: Documentation and Reporting for Regulatory Tiers, Permits, WDRs, and Plans Top of Page
Subchapter 1: CIWMB--General

Section 21450

Subchapter 2: CIWMB--Regulatory Tiers
Subchapter 3: Development of Waste Discharge Requirements (WDRs) and Solid Waste Facility Permits

Article 1
Sections 21563-21565.5

Article 2
CalRecycle--Applicant Requirements
Sections 21570-21640

Article 3
CIWMB--Enforcement Agency (EA) Requirements
Sections 21650-21680

Article 3.1
CalRecycle--CalRecycle Requirements
Sections 21685-21686

Article 3.2
CIWMB--Other Requirements

Article 4
SWRCB--Development of Waste Discharge Requirements (WDRs)
Sections 21710-21760

Subchapter 4: Development of Closure/Post-Closure Maintenance Plans

Sections 21769-21900

Subchapter 5: CalRecycle--Corrective Action Cost Estimate and Plan Requirements

Sections 22100-22103

Chapter 5: Enforcement Top of Page

Articles 1-3
(Reserved CIWMB)

Article 4
Enforcement by Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB)
Section 22190

Chapter 6: Financial Assurances at Solid Waste Facilities and at Waste Management Units for Solid Waste Top of Page
Subchapter 1: Definitions for Financial Assurance Demonstrations and Requirements

Section 22200

Subchapter 2: Financial Assurance Requirements

Article 1
Financial Assurance for Closure
Sections 22205-22207

Article 2
Financial Assurance for Postclosure Maintenance
Sections 22210-22212

Article 3
CIWMB--Financial Assurance Requirements for Operating Liability
Sections 22215-22216

Article 4
Financial Assurance Requirements for Corrective Action
Sections 22220-22222

Subchapter 3: Allowable Mechanisms

Article 1
CalRecycle--General Requirements for Mechanisms
Sections 22225-22237

Article 2
CalRecycle--Financial Assurance Mechanisms
Sections 22240 - 22254

Subchapter 4: Financial Assurances Enforcement Procedures

Article 1
Solid Waste Facilities
Sections 22270-22278

Chapter 7: Special Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Units Top of Page
Subchapter 1: Mining Waste Management

Article 1
SWRCB--Mining Waste Management Regulations (C15: Article 7)
Sections 22470-22510
Table 1.1: Summary of Requirements for New and Existing Mining Units
Table 1.2: Floodplain Siting Criteria
Table 1.3: Natural and Artificial Containment Features for Mining Units
Figure 1.1: Disposal Alternatives for Group A Waste
Figure 1.2: Disposal Alternatives for Group B Waste

Subchapter 2: Confined Animals

Article 1
SWRCB--Confined Animal Facilities
Sections 22560-22565

Subchapter 3: Composting Facilities [Reserved by CIWMB]
Subchapter 4: Waste Tire Facilities [Reserved by CIWMB]
Subchapter 5: Transfer and Processing Stations [Reserved by CIWMB]  
Chapter 8: Other Provisions Top of Page
Subchapter 1: Financial Assistance Programs

Article 1
Landfill Closure Loan Program
Sections 23001-23014

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