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Waste Tire Manifest Program

Waste Tire Tracking Form: Comprehensive Trip Log

The comprehensive trip log (CTL) form (CalRecycle 203) is used to collect information on every transfer of waste/used tires within California.

Purpose of the CTL Form

The CTL form provides CalRecycle a mechanism to track the flow of tire volumes from the point of generation to the point of disposal within California. The form assists CalRecycle in:

  • Determining the number of used/waste tires generated, transported, and delivered/disposed.
  • Eliminating illegal storage or disposal of waste and used tires.
  • Identifying and focusing enforcement efforts on violators.
  • Fulfilling the requirements of Chapter 838, Statutes of 2000 (SB 876, Escutia).

More information on data reconciliation and enforcement of the comprehensive trip log forms is available.

How the CTL Form Is Used

The CTL form is a triplicate form used for waste/used tire pickup or delivery transactions. It is completed by the hauler for each transaction performed. The generator or end use facility reviews the information provided by the hauler to determine completeness and accuracy of the form, and then initials the CTL receipt.

  • The original (top) copy of the CTL form contains 3 tear-off receipts to be left with the generator or end use facility for 3 years at their place of business.
  • The second copy of the form is retained by the hauler for 3 years at the hauler’s place of business.
  • The last copy is submitted to CalRecycle within 14 days after the initial use of the form. The collected information is analyzed followed by the necessary follow-up and enforcement activities.

See the instructions and definitions for more detailed information on using the CTL form.

A sample CTL form is included below. Forms for actual use must be ordered in hard copy as each form is uniquely numbered and includes multiple copies.

Who Is Required to Use the CTL Form?

All haulers, including exempt government, common carriers, and agricultural haulers, are required to use the CTL form. This form shall be used for any waste or used tire shipments within California as of January 1, 2006, or the responsible party may be subject to civil penalties.

In all cases, when the form is complete, the CalRecycle copy must be submitted to CalRecycle within 90 days of a given load. All CalRecycle issued forms have a postage paid return mailer. The hauler is responsible for submitting the CalRecycle copy of the form. The following table illustrates form requirements based on participant and transaction type. If you are unsure of your participation, see the participant overview for more information.

Who is Required
Participant Transaction Type Required
Initials Comprehensive Trip Log Receipt Retains Comprehensive Trip Log Submits Comprehensive Trip Log To CalRecycle TPID
Generator Pick up X X   X
End Use Facility Delivery (receive tires) X X   X
Hauler Delivery (to a facility)   X X X

*Loading tires onto a truck from the hauler facility is considered a point of tire generation. A CTL receipt showing a pick up waste tire manifest must be completed by the hauler.

TPID needed to complete forms
The unique tire program identification (TPID) number is assigned by CalRecycle to each participant in the waste tire manifest program. The TPID is used for identification purposes. In the near future, the TPID will be required for participants wanting to set-up secure access to an online business account. More TPID information.

Unregistered Hauler & Comprehensive Trip Log Substitution Form

The Unregistered Hauler & Comprehensive Trip Log Substitution Form, CalRecycle 204 (Updated 4/22/10) (Fillable PDF, 604 KB | MS Word, 49 KB) is required if the following occurs:

  • If a registered hauler fails to provide a completed CTL receipt when waste or used tires are removed from the generator’s location, the generator shall complete CalRecycle 204 within 48 hours of the tire removal and submit the form to CalRecycle within 90 days.
  • If waste or used tires are received by an end-use facility from a registered hauler that does not have a CTL receipt, the end use facility operator shall complete CalRecycle 204 within 48 hours of the tire delivery and submit the form to CalRecycle within 30 days.
  • If the end-use facility accepts 10 or more waste or used tires from a person who is not registered as a waste tire hauler (unless that person has written authorization by the Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) for purposes of an Amnesty Day Event or a One Time Exemption and is transporting no more than 20 waste or used tires to the end-use facility), the operator shall complete CalRecycle 204 and submit it to CalRecycle within 30 days.
  • If the person is hauling 20 or more waste or used tires under the written authorization of a LEA for purposes of an Amnesty Day Event or a One Time Exemption, the end-use facility operator shall report this information on CalRecycle 204 and submit the form to CalRecycle within 30 days of the acceptance of waste or used tires from that person.

Electronic Option

CalRecycle has developed an electronic data transfer system (referred to as EDT). Only haulers will be permitted to submit data electronically if approved by CalRecycle and authorized by individual generator and end-use facility businesses. If a generator/end use business authorizes a particular hauler to submit data on their behalf, the generator/end-use retains the option to submit a paper form at any time in lieu of or in addition to data submission by the hauler.

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