2021 California Tire Workshop Series

The 2021 California Tire Recycling Workshop Series is a must for those involved or interested in waste tire management, tire recycling and sustainability. These four free virtual workshops will be held roughly every other month beginning in spring 2021. They will feature state, national and global experts who will describe cutting-edge issues and strategies within the tire recycling and tire retreading industries, and evolving approaches to government incentives and support. While grounded in California’s active landscape, the workshops will provide attendees from California and across the nation with a wealth of useful information pertinent to tire recycling enterprises anywhere.

Additional information on the workshops and to register please go to the Tire Workshop Series webpage: 2021 California Tire Virtual Workshop Series

Workshop One: California Financial and Business Assistance Workshop

March 24, 2021 9:00-11:30am
Moderator Noel Davis, Grant Manager CalRecycle

Part 1: California Business Assistance
This first part of the workshop will provide tire recycling businesses an overview of programs available at the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (Go-Biz); CalRecycle’s Recycling Market Development Revolving Loan Program; California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority (CAEATFA); California Pollution Control Financing Authority (CPCFA); California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA).

  • Poonum Patel, Assistant Deputy Director, Go-Biz and CalBIS
  • Bruce Quigley, Loan Officer, CalRecycle, Recycling Market Development Revolving Loan Program
  • Janae Davis, Deputy Executive Director, CAEATFA and CPCFA
  • Greg Buehrer, Supervisor, Audit and Information Section, CDTFA

Part 2: CalRecycle Tire Grant Programs
This second part of the workshop will provide an overview of CalRecycle Tire Grant Programs that include the Tire-Derived Aggregate; Rubberized Pavement; Tire-Derived Products; Tire Incentive Program; Local Conservation Corps; Local Government Waste Tire Enforcement; Local Government Waste Tire Cleanup and Amnesty; Farm and Ranch Solid Waste Cleanup and Abatement.

  • Farrah Fadrigon,Grant Manager - Tire-Derived Aggregate Grant Program
  • Loreto Tamondong, Grant Manager - Rubberized Pavement Grant Program
  • Noel Davis, Grant Manager - Tire-Derived Product Grant Program
  • Nick Amante, Grant Manager - Tire Incentive Program
  • Derek Link, Grant Supervisor - Local Conservation Corps and Local Government Waste Tire Enforcement
  • Cathy Aggergaard, Grant Manager - Local Government Waste Tire Cleanup and Amnesty; and Farm and Ranch Solid Waste Cleanup and Abatement

Workshop Two: The Future of Tires and Tire Recycling

June 29, 2021 9:00-11:00am

This webinar will explore how emerging societal and technological trends like the advancement of automated vehicles, shared mobility and sustainability/circular economy initiatives could impact the tire industry, tire design and recycling of end-of-life tires. National and global tire industry and tire recycling experts will share their data, insights, and vision for what the future may hold. The workshop is intended to help all stakeholders involved with tire recycling to understand how these broad trends may impact their efforts, as the pace of change quickens and ultimately disrupts business as usual.

The Tire Industry in Flux
David Zielasko, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Tire Industry Association

Tire Industry Sustainable Development Road Map
Anne Cécile Rémont, Director, Tire Industry Project (World Business Council for Sustainable Development)

Michelin’s Vision for Tire Recycling
June Satterfield, Director, Industry Standards and Government Regulations, Michelin North America, Inc.

Moving Towards the Future: Key Issues and Strategies
Sarah E. Amick, Vice President EHS&S and Senior Counsel
John Sheerin, Director End of Life Tire Programs, U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association

Workshop Three: California New Tire-Derived Product Showcase

August 19, 2021 9:00-11:00am
Moderator Denise Kennedy, DK Enterprises

California companies continue to innovate new products made from tire-derived materials to satisfy customer needs in a variety of diverse market segments with the support from CalRecycle’s Feedstock Conversion Technical Assistance and Material Testing Services (FCS) Contract. The FCS Contract is crucial in designing and developing new products and supporting the Tire Incentive Program (TIP) grants. These manufacturers will share their launch stories and insights to the industry at large.

  • Mitch Whitson, President. California Filtration Specialists (CFS) provides a permeable surfacing low-density polyethylene (LPDE) product called Ecoraster that is constructed out of 100% recycled plastic shopping bags. The grids within this product have been filled with either concrete paver units, crushed rock, or decomposed granite. Through FCS, CFS has designed three products that replace these fill materials with recycled tire rubber, calcium carbonite, and binder. These materials are constructed from only recycled post-consumer waste products. The 100% permeable, 20-year warranty products will be attractive to developers, agencies, municipalities, and property owners.

  • Ryan Rickabaugh, Vice President of Marketing. Carousel USA engineers and builds state-of-the-art rotating structures. This includes rotating restaurants, turntables for private residences, turntables for auto dealers, large truck turntables for venues and buildings, and turntables for industry. Through FCS, Carousel USA is using recycled crumb rubber ramps for one of their most popular product lines. These ramps span completely around the turntable, which allow vehicles to enter the turntable smoothly and make the transition seamless.

  • Ed Reker, President of KMC Rubber, has years of experience in reformulating compounds to replace a specified percent of the mix design with a percent of crumb rubber, also referred to as feedstock conversion products (replacing a percent of raw material with tire crumb rubber). KMC has developed two products, anti-fatigue mats and pipe sealants, in part through technical and testing support of FCS. The pipe sealants are used to join clay, iron and PVC pipes in a watertight seal for both sewer and potable water applications.

  • Kevin Bagnall, President. KB Industries (DBA Flexi Process 2020) has produced through FCS, a patent pending vertical porous pre-molded Flexi-Twall. This product will have multiple application uses in construction, railroads, embankments, marine and storm water management industries. The Flexi-Twall will replace 50 percent aggregate (by weight) resulting in large volumes of California tire rubber. The KBI FLEXI® - Twall will promote ground stabilization and is designed for the release of Hydraulic Water pressures that can be released through the porous design of the materials and has a porosity rate of 3000+ gallons per square foot per hour.

Workshop Four: Retreading is the Beating Heart of Sustainability

October 6, 2021 9:00-11:00am
Moderator Denise Kennedy, DK Enterprises

Retreading is one of the original green industries. This workshop will help you understand how retreading can help your company or government agency meet its sustainability targets through the use of retreaded tires and will cover the huge environmental benefits provided by tire retreading from light truck and/or passenger tires, aircraft tires, agriculture tires, bus tires, industrial tires to emergency vehicle tires. Information will be provided to demonstrate how retreading lowers the total cost of tire ownership for fleets from small to large fleets of over 1,000 trucks/vehicles without any sacrifices in safety, reliability, and performance. We will look at surprising places retreaded tires are used and explore technological developments in retreading that are driving the industry toward an even more sustainable future. We will also provide a status update on the CalRecycle Retread Tire Services Contract educational workshops and webinars.

North America Retread Insights
Glenn Stockstill, Product Category Manager – Retread (AMN/AMC), Michelin

Retreading Supports California Department of Transportation’s Sustainability Efforts
Jason Cook, Deputy Division Chief, California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)
TBD, California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)

Retreads Driving Progress Toward a More Circular Economy
David Stevens, Managing Director, Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau

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