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Regulatory Tiers

Question 1: Pursuant to the exclusions in Title 14 California Code of Regulations (14 CCR) Section 17896.6(a)(2), digestate that is not composted may not be given away or sold. Is digestate that has been shown to meet pathogen reduction requirements, maximum metal concentration requirements, and physical contamination limits allowed to given away or sold?

Answer 1: In-vessel digested agricultural material that has been analyzed and shown to meet the requirements for metal concentration pursuant to 14 CCR 17896.59, pathogen density pursuant to 14 CCR 17896.60(b)(1), and physical contamination pursuant to 14 CCR 17896.61 can be considered compost produced from digestate and up to 1,000 cubic yards of such material may be given away or sold annually under the exemptions in 14 CCR 17896.6(a)(2).

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